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Current version: 6.6
Update: 2014-04-17
File size: 9.23 Mb
License: Freeware

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Camfrog Video Chat review by Test Server

Camfrog Video Chat is a cutting edge messenger that provides the connection with numerous participants through live video/audio and text chats. This app makes it possible to speak with various members simultaneously. No need to buy the webcam as not all video chatrooms require it so you are welcome to videochat even in case you got no cam.


  • Multiple chatrooms available;
  • Special chatroom designed for people who use the sign language;
  • Good quality of sound and video;
  • Meet new people in Camfrog chatrooms;
  • No need to have webcam;
  • Call landlines and mobile phones;
  • 100% free.

Camfrog Video Chat offers both public and private chatrooms, lets call the landlines or cellulars, and even bar the underaged from accessing certain chatrooms. It is extremely safe and uncomplicated to work with Camfrog app and lots of people downloaded it already. Download Camfrog Video Chat 100% free and take it for a spin!

Camfrog Video Chat

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Admire it with all my heart!


This chat client is really great! I found lots of friends in the public chatrooms and made all my old friends start using it.
Small and comfy


Camfrog attracted my attention because it is not heavy and has multiple features. I have to say it met my expectations.


indah dalam bercinta ,,, asikk
client is really great


i will made a friends start using
this chat client is really great


i found lots of friends start using it
client is really great


cam frog attracted my attention
ا عجبني استخدامه يهبل موووتجميييل جد




Download 2000, XP, VISTA, 7, 8

Camfrog Video Chat 100% Free

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Camfrog Video Chat

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